トップユーティリティ メンズ【US直輸入品】テーラーメイドRocketBallz(ロケットボールズ)レスキュー(ユーティリティ)RBZ65カーボ...

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 Driver distance in the body of a Rescue.Sole positioned Speed Pocket is the ultimate springboard for distance.Ultra-light shaft and low CG promote launch for increased ball speed. Larger head, finished with white matte,makes launch and alignment easy. Available 2.3.12RocketBallz technology with sole-positioned Speed Pocket boosts COR and ball speed dramatically.Low and forward CG location promotes high launch angle and low spin-rate for increased distance.Lightweight shaft and grip promotes faster swing speed for increased distance.Large, deep clubface and high-MOI head make it easy to launch. Matte-white crown and black face makes alignment easier and eliminates glare at address.Y.E. Yang“I was surprised the first time I heard the name of this Rescue. But it made sense after I hit it. I play a lot of hybrids in my bag to launch the ball high and land soft. The RocketBallz Rescue will allow me to play shots I never could before.”Sean O'Hair“The only word I could use to describe the RBZ Rescue is ‘unbelievable’.It literally shoots off the face like a rocket. To have that kind of distancefrom a Rescue that I can hit from anywhere is fantastic. And I can stillwork the ball as I need to.”■シャフト:RBZ 65カーボンシャフト■グリップ:RBZ IronRBZ 65フレックスSR番手3456ロフト角(°)19222528ライ角(°)60.561.061.562.0ヘッド体積(cc)115110110105クラブ長さ(インチ)41.040.540.039.5バランスD4総重量(ロフト角25°フレックスS)約357g※総重量は当社測定値となります (目安としてお考え下さい)※オリジナルヘッドカバー付き【smtb-f】

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